Company History


Romair Consulting has successfully completed projects related to the expansion and modernization of water supply and sewerage systems in different regions: Maramureș, Gorj, Botoșani.


Romair Consulting supervised the most extensive infrastructure modernization work of the “George Enescu” International Airport in Bacău, considered the most “modern and chic” airport in the North-East Region.

“Water and wastewater infrastructure development project in Buzău county, in the period 2014 – 2020” is the fifth major financing project signed in Romania, which continues the series of important projects with European funding built by Romair Consulting within POIM 2014 – 2020.


Romair Consulting author of the largest project funded by the European Union, an environmental project

The non-reimbursable financing contract from POIM was signed on Friday, November 9 2018, being the only project to prevent and combat coastal erosion in Romania in the programming period 2014 – 2020. With a total value of measures and investments of about 1 billion Euros, from which 85% represents non-reimbursable financing from the European Union, the project is the largest investment project prepared and approved in Romania in the current programming period.

The main objective of the project is to reduce coastal erosion by consolidating and enhancing over 30 km of Romanian coastline from Edighiol to Vama Veche, respectively consolidating and putting into operation two large complex hydrotechnical structures of great importance for the environment and expanding and putting safe beaches.

In short, by implementing the project, we increase the territory of Romania by over 300 hectares and ensure the protection of over 100,000 inhabitants and about 1500 buildings on the Black Sea coast, protect the environment, increase the conservative value of protected species and biodiversity in the project area.

The implementation of the project is carried out by the beneficiary of the National Administration “Romanian Waters”, through the Dobrogea – Seaside Water Basin Administration, in the period 2018 – 2023.

Romair Consulting invites all Romanians who go to the seaside to enjoy the results of this project in the coming years and a healthy environment.


Romair Consulting, as a provider of technical assistance services for the management and supervision of works, coordinated the most ambitious project for the protection of the Romanian coast – “Protection and rehabilitation of the southern part of the Romanian Black Sea coast (Mamaia Sud, Tomis Nord, Tomis Centru , Tomis Sud, Eforie Nord), financed by the Environment Sectoral Operational Program, from the Cohesion Fund”.

Romair Consulting has successfully concluded an important chapter with which it writes history on the Romanian Black Sea coast. It is a unique and impressive moment: together, we made Romania bigger, more beautiful! After more than a year from the completion of the execution works of the protection and rehabilitation / extension works of the Romanian coast, on 31.01.2017 the final reception of the works took place.

For over 18 years we have been involved in projects that change the lives of Romanians. We are glad that through this project our work has, once again, a real impact on the inhabitants, tourists, economic agents and, last but not least on the environment – declares Gheorghe Boeru, President of Romair Consulting.

Romair Consulting has signed the service contract that will provide technical assistance services for the preparation of the financing application and the awarding documentation for the regional project for the development of water and wastewater infrastructure for the operating area of ​​the regional operator Ecoaqua S.A. in Călărași and Ialomița counties, between 2014 and 2020.


Romair Consulting completes projects with a special impact in the development and modernization of the regions in which they were implemented. This year, projects in the field of “Water and Wastewater Infrastructure” and in the field of “Waste Management” were completed.


Romair Consulting is preparing the first POIM financing applications.


Romair Consulting is leading a pilot project in the Republic of Moldova.

The first modeling of coastal structures is carried out in a natural laboratory with direct observation on future investments in marine infrastructure, but also tourist infrastructure by developing the project ” Protection and rehabilitation of the southern part of the Romanian Black Sea coast in Constanța (Mamaia Sud, Tomis Nord, Tomis Centru and Tomis Sud) and Eforie Nord”. Romania thus falls into the category of countries implementing projects observed, controlled and verified in marine laboratories.


Romair Consulting produces ENERGY. After 4 years, the first wind turbine is installed.


Dobrogea-Seaside without floods! Romair Consulting makes hazard maps and plans for the prevention, protection and mitigation of flood effects in the Dobrogea-Litoral river basin.


Preparing the most efficient integrated management system for emergencies in Bucharest, signing management and supervision contracts in the water and wastewater sector for 3 other counties. Over 2,500 farmers who were supported to obtain funding, over 28,000 semi-subsistence farms.


Signing of 4 contracts at regional level for the development of human capital and increasing competitiveness within the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development.


Romair Consulting implements the first renewable energy projects. Strengthens the consulting, design and supervision teams in the preparation of future technical assistance and supervision projects.


Breaking the level of 5 regions of Romania on the water and sewerage sector. Design and preparation for execution of 7 landfills and 15 bioremediation stations in the private sector in Romania.


Romair Consulting participates in Romania’s entry into the European Union with 27 projects out of a total of 81 projects at national level approved within the Regional Operational Program.


Romair Consulting submits the first programs from the Structural Funds and provides technical assistance services as a contract leader for projects aimed at a county.


Romair Consulting submits 19 projects within the PHARE Program 2004 – 2006 Large Regional Infrastructure Projects. It submits the first projects financed by the Romanian Environmental Fund in the field of urban waste management and industrial wastewater treatment plants.


Consulting is developing two large infrastructure projects out of a total of 12 projects funded under the PHARE 2003 Program.


Romair Consulting successfully develops and implements five projects carried out within the PHARE 2002 Program.


The debut period of the large infrastructure projects implemented by Romair Consulting, during which the first two large projects in the field of water, sewerage and gas networks were carried out.


Expanding the client portfolio and the range of services offered, by accessing the financing programs of the European Union and the World Bank, intended for Small and Medium Enterprises.


Establishment of Romair Consulting and implementation of the first program financed by the European Union within the ISPA and SAPARD programs.

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