Romair Consulting hires a Public Procurement Expert

Romair Consulting hires a Public Procurement Expert

The ideal candidate ticks the following:


  • Higher education in the legal and / or technical and / or economic field and / or construction;
  • Certificate of graduation program / specialization course public procurement expert.


  • Professional experience in the field of public procurement of at least 3 years;
  • Experience of at least 3 years in preparing documentation for participation in public and sectoral procurement procedures;
  • At least 2 years’ experience in preparing award documents for public and sectoral procurement contracts and assistance to the contracting authority during the procurement procedures, preferably including participation as a co-opted expert with evaluation committees.

Other requirements:

  • Good knowledge of the legislation in the field of public procurement in Romania (the legislation applicable until May 2016 and the legislation in force since May 2016);
  • Good knowledge and skills of using SEAP / SICAP;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Knowledge of the requirements applicable in procurement procedures carried out by international financial institutions;
  • Good skills in using the Microsoft Office suite.
Job description

Job objectives:

  • Preparation in good condition of the documentation necessary for the company’s participation in domestic and international public and private procurement procedures

Main responsibilities:

  • Analyzes and selects the procurement procedures published in the areas of interest to the employer;
  • Identifies potential partners and / or subcontractors for the selected procurement procedures and manages the documents related to them, periodically updating the database;
  • Identify experts according to the positions required in the award documents and manage the documents related to them, periodically updating the database;
  • Manages and prepares documents for participation in selected procurement procedures, in accordance with the requirements of the award documents and clarifications published by the contracting authorities / entities and the internal procedures of the employer;
  • Manages the process of preparation of the documentation required to be submitted during the procurement procedure, its transmission / uploading according to the provisions applicable to that procedure, manages and participates in the preparation of responses to any requests for clarification submitted by contracting authorities / entities;
  • Prepares the price offers for the auctions, according to the instructions received;
  • Ensures the delivery of the tender in good conditions and on time (takes over the documents prepared by the other documents that it incorporates in the final tender, according to the instructions / requirements of the Contracting Authority);
  • Manages and participates in the preparation of documentation on remedies and remedies for the award of public / sectoral procurement contracts, according to its specialization;
  • Participates in the preparation of award documents for contracts included in the procurement plan within the service contracts concluded by the employer, according to his specialization;
  • Provide assistance to the contracting authority / entity during the procurement procedure until the contract is signed;
  • Participate as a co-opted expert with the evaluation commissions organized within the clients and / or the employer.

Romair Consulting is a company with fully Romanian capital, established in 1997 to offer business and management consulting services, design and engineering. Professionalism, accumulated experience and good reputation are Romair’s business card offered to current and future partners. Romair Consulting develops large infrastructure projects for public authorities, in various fields – roads, bridges, water supply, waste management, sewerage, water treatment, environmental protection, tourism infrastructure. The company also implements European-funded projects for human resource development. Based on the experience gained over time, Romair Consulting experts build their projects based on a feasible concept, resulting from customer requirements, but also the needs of society, respecting environmental protection standards.

Romair Consulting is a name already known and affirmed in the Romanian consulting and design environment, by exercising its distinct role, traced since its establishment: that of promoting investment projects by approaching specific financing instruments.

The interested persons will send an updated CV (specifying the contact details: mobile phone number, email address, Skype name) to, with the mention that only the selected persons will be contacted based on the submitted documents.

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