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Our site uses cookies to differentiate between users who access it.

A cookie is a small alphanumeric archive stored on your computer’s hard drive or browser, tablet, smartphone or similar device when browsing the internet.

Cookies allow us to provide relevant information about our products and services and to offer you a more friendly experience, adapted to your preferences and interests when you browse our site.

Declining or disabling cookies can make some sites impossible or extremely difficult to use. At the same time, refusing or disabling cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive online advertising – but only that it will no longer be able to take into account your preferences and interests, highlighted by your browsing behavior.


Examples of important uses of cookies (which do not require user authentication through an account):

o Content and services adapted to the user’s preferences – news categories, weather, sports, maps, services

public and government services, entertainment sites and travel services.

o Offers adapted to users’ interests – password retention, language preferences (Ex: display

search results in Romanian).

o Retention of child protection filters on Internet content (family mode options, functions

the safe search).

o Limiting the frequency of ads – limiting the number of impressions of an ad for

a particular user on a site.

o Providing more relevant advertising for the user.

 o Measurement, optimization and analytics features – such as confirming a certain level of traffic on a website, what type of content is viewed and how a user reaches a website (eg through search engines, directly from other websites). Etc). Websites conduct these analyzes of their use to improve the sites for the benefit of users.

Most of the cookies we use are analytical, which count users, help us understand how to navigate our site and help improve the way the site works, for example, by making results be more accurate in searches.

Our site uses Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how visitors use this site and to detect possible navigation problems. Google Analytics stores information about the pages visited, the duration of browsing the site, the way in which the site was accessed as well as the sections accessed within the pages. No personal information other than general IPs is stored, therefore this information cannot be used to identify the user.

The site uses Google Analytics to track if the site meets user requirements and to prioritize the improvement of processes. Google provides more information about cookies on the privacy policy and cookie policy page.

To learn more about how Google uses and collects this data, visit the link.

We also use certain cookies for advertising purposes so that we can more efficiently manage the presentation of our products on other platforms where users can request services, such as Facebook.

None of our cookies store personal information such as your name or mailing address. Please note that restricting cookies may have an impact on the functionality of the SC Romair Consulting SRL website –

What kind of cookies do we use?

Depending on the type of organization that manages them:

• SC Romair Consulting SRL proprietary cookies: installed by our own website.

• Third-party cookies: installed by websites that are not part of the site visited.

For example, if we include YouTube content on our own website or on buttons that users can use to share content on social networks, a user who accesses such content on their own website may have cookies added from these third parties.

SC Romair Consulting SRL does not control these third party cookies and, therefore, the user must review the cookie policies of these websites for additional information.

Depending on the time period, they remain active in the user’s system:

• Session cookies: collect and store data only while the user is visiting the website.

• Persistent cookies: they remain stored on a computer and can be accessed and managed by the organization responsible for the cookie for a certain period of time or until the user deletes it.

Depending on the purpose for which the data is collected through cookies:

• Technical cookies: allow the user to use various options that they facilitate: for example, traffic control and data communication, identifying a session, accessing restricted areas, making a purchase, requesting a subscription or participating in an event, etc.

• Personalization cookies: allow the user to access services with certain personalized features, such as language, browser type, configuration for the region from which the user accesses the services, etc.

• Analytical cookies: allow website managers to track and analyze user behavior on a website so that they can improve the information by analyzing data on the use of the site by users of its services.

• Advertising cookies: allow you to manage the advertising space that the web publisher has included on a website where services are offered, based on criteria such as the type of content or how often the content is displayed.


Cookies are not viruses. They use plain text formats. They are not made up of pieces of code like that cannot be executed or run. Consequently, they cannot be duplicated or replicated on other networks to run or replicate again. Because they cannot perform these functions, they cannot be considered viruses.

Disabling and refusing to receive cookies may make certain sites (including ours) impractical or difficult to visit and use. Also, the refusal to accept cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive / see online advertising.

It is possible to set in the browser so that these cookies are no longer accepted or you can set the browser to accept cookies from a specific site. But, for example, if you are not registered using cookies, you will not be able to leave comments.

All modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the “options” or in the “preferences” menu of your browser.

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