Romair Consulting is hiring Design Engineer/Team Leader Timișoara-Sibiu

Romair Consulting is hiring Design Engineer/Team Leader Timișoara-Sibiu


Over 5 years of experience in Consulting, Construction / Installations, Engineering

Area: Timisoara/ Sibiu

The Ideal Candidate

Romanian engineering and consulting company with solid experience in the field, we are looking for a Design Engineer/Team Leader to strengthen the staff team for the Timișoara/Sibiu area, with a permanent presence. Expertise and experience in the field are at the disposal of the future employee through the already existing staff, while the professional development of our future colleague depends only on the will and good faith of the candidate.

Job requirements:

  • Studies: higher technical degrees (civil constructions, hydrotechnical constructions, installations, CFDP);
  • The confidentiality of the data to which it has access;
  • Customer orientation.


  • efficient communication
  • responsibility
  • good organizer
  • dynamism
  • strictness
  • receptivity
  • appropriate attire


  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an advantage (English is very important);
  • Automatic data processing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, design programs (minimum AutoCad 2D, design software specific to the field of specialization);
  • Professional skills: technical knowledge acquired in various specializations, legislation specific to the technical field.

Job description

The position involves the preparation of technical documents, execution details, feasibility studies, technical projects, preliminary measurements in the field of hydro-development infrastructure:

  • It ensures the design activity for all phases (DTCU, DTOA, SF, PT, DDE, DTAC/PAC, DTOE/POE) in the field of hydro-development infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, pumping stations, treatment stations, treatment stations, projects of roads) in accordance with the legislation, norms and regulations in force, in accordance with the activities assigned by the project manager/project leader;
  • Performs the modeling/sizing of drinking water distribution networks, the development of technical reports, calculation briefs, indicator tables, annexes for feasibility studies and technical projects for water supply/sewerage systems;
  • Collect relevant information and documents for the smooth running and completion of the project;
  • Prepares design assignments for specialist sub-designers within or outside the company;
  • As a member of the project team, participates in project planning together with the project manager;
  • Participates in internal and external approvals (beneficiary and approval forums);
  • It respects the normative acts in force, applicable to the field for which the design services are offered.

Company description

ROMAIR CONSULTING is a company with full Romanian capital, established in 1997 to provide business and management consulting, design and engineering services. Professionalism, accumulated experience and good reputation represent Romair’s business card offered to current and future partners.

ROMAIR CONSULTING develops large infrastructure projects for public authorities, in various fields – roads, bridges, water supply, waste management, sewage, water treatment, environmental protection, tourism infrastructure. The company also implements projects with European funding for the development of human resources. Based on the experience accumulated over time, Romair Consulting experts build their projects starting from a feasible concept, resulting from the requirements of customers but also the needs of society, respecting environmental protection standards.

ROMAIR CONSULTING is a name already known and affirmed in the Romanian consulting and design environment, by exercising its distinct role, drawn since its establishment: that of promoting investment projects by approaching specific financing instruments.

Interested persons will send their updated CV (with the specification of contact details: mobile phone number, e-mail address) to the address, with the mention that only the persons selected on the basis of the submitted documents will be contacted.

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